Specializations & Treatment Techniques

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, ADHD, and depression. I also work with children to improve their self-esteem, ability to manage their emotions, and their social skills. I help families manage conflict, either between coparents or among siblings. I teach parents new ways of interacting with their children so as to create more fulfillment in relationships and peace in households.

I mostly use cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) when working with children and families. These techniques have been demonstrated through research to be very effective. They provide clients with healthy coping skills and alleviate a variety of psychological difficulties. CBT is a relatively structured therapeutic approach that involves setting specific treatment goals, assigning weekly tasks to help clients achieve those goals, and conducting frequent check-ins of progress.  I work with clients to help them understand how emotions, thoughts (cognitions), and behaviors relate to one another. I teach them to change their thoughts and behaviors to positively impact their mood.  I often incorporate mindfulness techniques that involve relaxation strategies and increase clients’ awareness of the thoughts that are hindering their functioning.

I involve parents and families in my treatment and planning whenever appropriate, as families have a critical impact on children’s functioning. As a parent myself, I also fully respect the challenges of parenting and the stress that raising a child can bring. I understand that if your child is suffering, you are suffering. My goal is to support parents in their journey and to help them feel confident and happy in their roles as parents. With parents’ permission, I often communicate with children’s schools and physicians so that all the professionals in your child’s life can work together and assist your child in achieving their therapeutic goals.

Parent and school involvement are particularly relevant when helping children and families address the symptoms of ADHD.  I work with parents to educate them on how they can help grow their child’s organizational, planning, impulse control, and attentional abilities. These skills are often referred to as executive functioning, and deficits in these areas underlie an ADHD diagnosis. By addressing these deficits, we can improve your child’s daily functioning in school and at home. I will also consult with your child’s teacher to develop effective behavioral plans that improve children’s academic performance and strengthen their social relationships.

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