My Training

When choosing the right psychologist for your child and family, it may be helpful to know more about their education, training, and work experiences. I did my undergraduate studies at Cornell University and earned a BS in Human Development and Family Studies. I received my doctorate from The Pennsylvania State University, I completed my clinical internship at Miami Children’s Hospital, and my post-doctoral training at the University of Pittsburgh. These experiences allowed me to work within a variety of clinical settings and with families of diverse backgrounds.

Penn State’s graduate program is one of the nation’s few clinical psychology doctoral programs that offer a training track devoted to children and the unique mental health challenges they face. I received an excellent theoretical background in healthy child development, child psychopathology (and how it can look differently than adult psychopathology), as well as training in empirically supported treatment techniques. The care I currently provide to clients is grounded in sound science that has been demonstrated to be effective in alleviating psychological distress.

At Penn State I provided outpatient care within a community mental health clinic. I worked with children of varying socioeconomic status, who presented with difficulties including anxiety, depression, reactive attachment disorder, adjustment to divorce, social skill deficits, encopresis, family conflict. I also conducted family therapy to address issues including maternal depression, coparenting conflict, and sibling conflict.

At Miami Children’s Hospital, I worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit where I treated acute mental health issues including suicidal behavior/thoughts, psychosis, intense family conflict, and eating disorders. I ran groups with children and adolescents and conducted individual and family therapy. I worked as a part of a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with psychiatrists, general physicians, dieticians, nurses, and social workers. I also provided follow up outpatient care, which allowed for a continuity in care for the patient and for me to witness incredible psychological change.

At the University of Pittsburgh’s psychology department, where I completed my post-doctoral training, I worked as a part of a clinical and research team devoted to reducing behavioral problems in children. There, a team of researchers have spent decades developing a treatment program that a team of skilled clinicians administer to families. I conducted this therapy within families’ homes, within some of the most economically deprived neighborhoods within Pittsburgh. The children with whom I worked faced extreme contextual challenges including poverty, neighborhood violence, and limited access to education. This experience allowed me to act on my belief that all children deserve access to high quality mental health services.

These experiences allow me to apply a diverse and in-depth body of knowledge to helping you, your child, or your family navigate your current challenge. My favorite part of my job is joining with a child and family in their struggle, forming a meaningful alliance and trusting relationship, and helping them to make steps toward healthy change.

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