About Me

I am a clinical psychologist with a specialization in child, adolescent, and family psychology. I approach treatment from a strength-based and ecological perspective. This means when I assess a child and family, I create a treatment plan that addresses their challenges by harnessing the strengths they posses. I believe that it is important to see the whole child, all of their strengths and their current challenges. I seek to instill hope that your child, and you, have the tools you need to overcome whatever difficulty you are currently facing. An ecological perspective means that I conceptualize the child within the multiple contexts in which they live — family, school, community. I most often involve parents in treatment because the family is such an important part of a child’s life and giving parents new ways of responding to their children can make a large impact on the quality of the relationship, on parents’ feelings of confidence and efficacy, and on the child’s well-being. I regularly communicate with teachers and physicians (with a family’s permission) to provide the most thorough care to my patients.

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